Our production process is designed in such a way that, in addition to high amount of plants, we are also able to pack at store level. Our customer - the wholesaler - is relieved in this way and the store receives the ordered plants within 24 hours in almost all cases.

A large part of the production is grown emerse (above water) in our own nursery. In addition, we have various partners in Asia, from which a fresh shipment is sent at least every week. We also work together with a number of laboratories that provide the plant material for the pots and are our supplier for the in vitro cups.

We supply aquarium plants all year round, in spring and summer, we also grow a range of floating and oxygenating plants for the pond.

When delivering the plants, we use customization for our customer. The way of packing, a plant label, a specific customer appearance, everything is negotiable. Shipping is possible in various ways. The plants can of course be picked up, but delivery by post is also possible, in this way we can also deliver directly to your customer – the store. You can choose our packaging materials in such a way that damage-free transport is allmost guaranteed.