Aqua look is a leading company in the cultivation of pond and aquarium plants. With our modern working methods and logistical process, we are able to supply our customers - the aquarium and pond wholesaler - packed at retail level. Complete unburdening, with a constant focus on the highest quality of the plants and a complete range.

The range of plants we supply is large. We have an average of about 250 varieties available. On the “our assortment”  page you can see what we can supply, for an up-to-date stocklist you can always contact us as a wholesaler.

As a family company, Aqua look can build on a long history and many years of experience. The foundation was laid in the 1970s. The right contacts with suppliers in Asia, among other places, the continuous optimization of quality and development and the search for new plants and production methods. As a result, Aqua Look has grown into one of the largest suppliers of aquarium plants in the world.

In 2015 a new nursery was involved. This nursery of about 20,000 m2, equipped with the most modern technology, ensures that we can supply almost all varieties in good quality all year round. The surface area has more than doubled, the plants are given the time to get well rooted and due to a constant climate and the right lighting in the dark period, we are able to supply the most beautiful aquarium plants all year round.

In addition to improving the quality of plants, we also focus on corporate responsibility. This is shown, for example, in the MPS certification, but also by generating energy ourselves. On an annual basis we generate more than 300 Mwh of electricity with our solar panels. In addition, we deal responsibly with the heating of the greenhouse. We use the overcapacity of the installation of a neighboring company, in order to reduce our gas consumption. The CO2 generated by the additional heating is used to stimulate the growth of the plants in the greenhouse. Our packaging of the P5 aquarium pots has recently been redeveloped, this reduces the use of plastic by over 30%. In addition to our own team of more than 40 employees, we involve a care nursery in part of our production. Naturally, biological crop protection is used to combat pests.

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